Owners’ Corner

Owners’ Liability

Private property owners are responsible for the proper management and maintenance of their own property, and to pay for costs. With this primary objective, owners should arrange timely inspection and maintenance for the building structures, walls, common areas and facilities in order to ensure the property is in safe and liveable conditions.
Timely management and maintenance will help owners, tenants, neighbours and the community to create a multi-win situation, including:

(a)  to extend the life span of buildings;
(b)  to maintain and upgrade the property value;
(c)  to improve the living environment;
(d)  to slow down the degree of urban decay; and
(e)  to reduce the chance of receiving statutory Orders from the relevant government departments.

In order to promote the proper maintenance and management of private properties, the URA has established a framework of publicity and public education, financial assistance and technical support to solve the problem of building decay. Should you require further information on the URA's subsidy scheme, building rehabilitation service, the relevant legislation and reference information, please browse the webpage "Building Repair Info." of this website.

For further information of Owners’ Liability, please click here to browse the website of "Care for your Building" from Buildings Department.