Owners’ Corner

The Consequences of Ignoring Building Repairs

The problem of building safety in Hong Kong is arisen from the lack of a sound building management system; the building owners’ awareness in building rehabilitation; and sustainable maintenance and repair. Besides accelerating urban decay, this also gives rise to other social problems.
Timely maintenance of buildings not only can identify and rectify building defects, but also can prevent building disrepair. In the long run, building owners can save costs in upkeeping their properties.
Nevertheless, many owners of old buildings ignore the importance of regular inspection and maintenance of buildings. In fact, building disrepair is just like a time bomb, would cause serious consequences, and endanger human lives. Buildings Department could issue the following statutory orders to owners in accordance with Buildings Ordinance (Cap 123) to order building owners to restore dangerous or defective parts of their buildings:
(1)  Investigation Orders (Section 26A or 28 of Buildings Ordinance) require owners to appoint an Authorized Person to carry out such investigation in relation to the conditions of the defective building structure or the drainage system.
(2)  Repair Orders (Section 26 or 28 of Buildings Ordinance) require owners to appoint an Authorized Person to co-ordinate and supervise the maintenance works of buildings or the drainage system.
Therefore, applying proper building maintenance into daily management work and acting in a persistent manner will be a more effective long-term solution.

For further information of the consequences of ignoring building repairs, please click here to browse the website of "Care for your Building" from Buildings Department.